High Style At a Low Cost

Vote on Designs

Vote on the designs you love and help us choose the next Nspired collection. Popular designs will be on sale for a limited 7-day buying period.   


Made on Demand

Your furniture is made to order. Once the buying window has closed, we place the order with our manufacturer directly, saving you 50-80 per cent off normal prices.



Maybe you're after a beautiful piece for your home or office. As well as your crowd sourced favourites, we also sell a range of beautiful designer furniture.





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50% Off sale on all of our products

  • We Believe that Beautifully Designed Furniture Should Be Affordable. 

    How do we do it?

  • Made on Demand

    Every two weeks we group our orders for a particular product, and then put them into production. By only making what’s ordered, we have no inventory – passing the savings onto you.

  • No Middlemen

    We deal with the makers directly. No agents and importers. It’s just us, the manufacturers and lots of affordable boutique furniture.


  • Designer Furniture

    We search the world for the best designer furniture, giving you an unparalleled choice of designs. Vote for your favourite, or just buy an existing product from our store.

  • Delivered to You

    Every piece is delivered to your door. As we make on demand, pieces take up to 8-12 weeks to arrive, but we believe the wait is well worth it.

  • "A business bucking the trend in furniture".

    Vogue Magazine. .